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Send in your video

and join The Big Do Re Mi Sing-A-Long!

I'm making a video of the most popular song from our free music lessons - the Do Re Mi song - and I'd love you and you and your kids to join in!

While lockdown and school closures continue for many of us, I thought it would be a great chance to make music together from our homes. 

Just read carefully and follow the steps below to get you and your children included in the video. It's as easy as Do Re Mi!

1. practise along with the track below

  • Watch some of the free lessons on Facebook again to see me explain the notes of the song and what to do with your hands. 

  • Download the track below and play guitar, ukulele or sing along plenty of times to make sure you know what to do

  • This version features the notes "So" towards the end, which the 6+ singers group covered, but I'm sure the younger singers can manage it! Guitar and ukulele people, just stick to what you played in the lessons.

2. film yourself and your kids joining in

  • Play the song in the background loud enough to sing along to, but quiet enough for your voices or instruments to be the loudest thing in the recording 

  • Phone or tablet videos are fine, just make sure you film with the highest quality available in your settings, using the camera on the back of the phone.

  • Avoid background noise, and put the camera close to you so that you sound nice and clear, and so everyone can see your lovely faces!


3. upload your video using the link below

  • Enter your video no later than midnight on Monday 29th June

  • Send the full size file in the highest quality possible (it might take a long time to upload big files, so be patient!)

  • Videos must be filmed and submitted by a parent/guardian. By submitting you consent to the video of you and your children being posted online and used for marketing purposes by Music Lessons With James

Have fun!

I can't wait to see all of your videos and put the whole thing together.